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An open file cabinet or safe containing several folders labeled "TOP SECRET." One folder is partially pulled out, revealing documents inside. The scene is illuminated by a red light, casting a dramatic glow on the papers.

6 Steps to Take Before Applying for Record Clearance

This article outlines six crucial steps before applying for record clearance, starting with determining eligibility. It covers the importance of […]

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A close-up image of a rubber stamp marked "CASE CLOSED" in red ink on a piece of paper. The stamp is slightly worn, giving a slightly textured appearance to the text. The background is a plain, white surface.

Are There Any Crimes That Cannot Be Expunged?

Expungement is a legal process that allows individuals to erase or seal their criminal records, thus removing them from public […]

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A blackboard with blank white papers pinned to it using red and green push pins. These papers are interconnected by red string, creating a web-like pattern. The arrangement suggests a conceptual network or link between different nodes.

Can You Expunge a Violent Felony Conviction?

Seeking to expunge a violent felony conviction? This article covers the process, eligibility, and benefits of expungement. Learn the difference […]

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A group of passports are arranged on a table.

Feb-28-2024 All

Navigating Expungement as an Immigrant: Legal Considerations

Navigating expungement as an immigrant involves grappling with the intricate interplay between criminal records, immigration laws, and individuals’ legal ramifications, […]

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A man in handcuffs behind bars.

Feb-15-2024 All

Unlocking Opportunities: Expungement and Entrepreneurship

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a criminal record? Have you considered the impact of expungement on your business ventures? […]

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The cover of a book with four finger prints on a red background, symbolizing the need for expungement of DNA records.

Dec-26-2023 All

Expungement and DNA Records: A Complicated Relationship

Expungement and DNA records have become increasingly relevant in the criminal justice system. Understanding the intricacies of expungement and its […]

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