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Our Background Check Clearance Service

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Expedited Record Clearance Update

Even though your criminal record was sealed, expunged, vacated or set aside, your information may still be showing up in criminal background check reports across the country. As a result, your expunged record may be exposed to employers, banks and property managers, standing between you and a fresh start.

Fortunately, we can help. With our Background Check Clearance Service, you can rest easy knowing background check companies are updated with your new info and aren’t reporting your expunged record to anyone at any time.

Why is this so important?

Expunging your record is a crucial first step. Unfortunately, background check firms aren’t legally required to update their info by a set date or schedule, even after receiving the new information from the court. But when a background check firm has been notified of a records expungement or update, they must update their databases in a timely fashion. If the company isn’t notified, it can sometimes take months or even years for the information to be removed or updated in their system.

That’s where our Background Check Clearance Service comes in. Our Background Check Clearance Service ensures background check companies are notified of your expungement fast, speeding up the background check removal process while eliminating that expunged conviction from background reports as quickly as possible.

Our Background Check Clearance Service includes:

  • Updating and removing your expunged record from hundreds of background check companies across the country
  • Expertise on how to dispute inaccurate background check reports and restore your reputation
  • The opportunity to pursue job, housing and financial opportunities with confidence and peace of mind

** If your criminal record was cleared in multiple states, there is an additional charge of $50 per state.

** We charge an additional $100 if you do not have your granted court order. Please also note that if this is the case, the entire process may take longer due to the research involved.

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Background Check Clearance:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Background Check Clearance when my records are already expunged?

While your records may have been expunged or sealed by the court, that old conviction is likely still showing up in background reports each time an employer and bank requests a background check of your name. Background Check Clearance is the best way to update background check firms fast and prevent that damaging information from hurting opportunities in the future.

Does Background Check Clearance Remove My Information from the Web?

The Background Check Clearance Service updates your criminal record with background check companies, ensuring future reports accurately reflect your record and don’t reveal any records sealed or expunged by the court.

While this service updates background check companies, it doesn’t delete any criminal records posted by data-aggregates on the web. To remove arrest and conviction records from the internet, contact us about Online Records Removal today.

How Does Background Check Clearance Work?

Once your records are expunged or sealed, our team notifies background check companies of the change. During that contact, we provide each company the necessary documentation needed to prove expungement occurred and kickstart the update process.

Once notified, background check companies are required to update their databases within a reasonable time frame. This ensures updates are made within days or weeks of the expungement, rather than months or even years.